Bottom-strengthening exercises

Feeling good about our bodies is key, plus being healthy is synonymous with it Look well So exercise is one of our main ally to staying healthy and fit.

There are certain areas of the body that, if exercised properly, can not only increase our physical health but also help us look good. This is the case Buttocks, Which can remain constant and aesthetic with Correct routine.

Here we tell you why S buttocksThey are very important for our body, and we include some exercises to maintain every day so that in this way you can take care of your body and health.

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Why are brigades important?

According to the information from the personal trainer search engine, train me, Buttocks It is a part of the body that allows people to walk on two legs, which gives us stability that makes it easy for us to move from one place to another.

Keeping it steady, strong and functional will not only achieve the goal of accentuating our physical appearance, but it will also reduce recurring back pain in women and men. Based on the foregoing, the importance of Buttocks It is huge for our body, so doing exercises to strengthen the body is a way to help the body.

This is why we share some an exercise So you add them to your routine, that way you can see yourself on fire with any dress; Without neglecting that you take care of your health.

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Stand with your eyes straight forward with your feet shoulder width apart, not forgetting that your toes are slightly outward. Go down with your back straight and slightly pull your buttocks, and your hips and knees bent about 90 degrees. Then return to the starting position. The arms can be extended forward to help you perform.

Alternative steps

From a standing position, take a long stride forward so that the knee of your back leg hits the ground. Return to the starting position and switch your advanced foot.}

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The Brigade Bridge

Your starting position is lying on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. From here, raise the pelvis by lifting the buttocks off the floor until the body is aligned.

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Sideways dash

The starting position is standing, with your back straight, looking straight ahead and your feet flat on the floor. Then move one of the legs horizontally (you can do this by moving it across the floor or lifting it). The moving leg should be fully straight, while the supporting leg should remain in 90 ° flexion. Pick up the displaced leg by returning to the starting position.

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