Boris Johnson seemed so incompetent and a scoundrel…now that’s proven

In the UK, we spent a week getting information and evidence about the level of stupidity with which Boris Johnson has led one of the most foolish governments in living memory.

It was already known and notorious that Mr. Johnson had certain “flaws” and behavioral problems, and this did not prevent him from winning the 2019 general election with 43.6% of the vote, breaking all records since 1979.

His position, which he believed to be above good and evil, knowing that he had great support from the citizens, allowed him to rule in his own way and in the most difficult historical period, with Britain’s exit from the European Union and the pandemic, and now it is clear that he did not take any of these two events with the necessary seriousness.

The explanation for his behavior and lack of morals and values ​​comes hand in hand with the privileges that many leaders in the UK were brought up with and access to an elitist education that many MPs from both sides have enjoyed. .

His pre-university education at Eton is highlighted in the documentary When Boris Dave Met and highlights the infamous Bullingdon club that Boris Johnson and David Cameron once belonged to, which was based on the wealth and social class they came from

David Cameron is the Prime Minister, with the dubious honor of causing Brexit by agreeing to a referendum that changed the fate of the United Kingdom for the worse… for the worse.

Another film later, “The Riot Club” re-introduced the situation established in Eton by the Bullingdon Club that justified class behavior bordering on sadism, in an institution that has given birth to 20 UK Prime Ministers.

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In the case of David Cameron and Boris Johnson, both of them were also educated at Oxford (at different colleges).

Problems and disagreements with Boris Johnson have haunted him since his days as a columnist, and his style demonstrated his lack of common sense and lack of prejudice when it came to using racist and xenophobic terms or spreading false myths such as the one that said the euro was making Europeans powerless or the bogus EU imposing banana-bending .

In 1995, he agreed to transfer the address of another fellow journalist to a corrupt businessman, Darius Jobe, to arrange for him to “break some ribs and give him a black eye” to investigate a full-blown criminal conspiracy.

Despite the multitude of similar episodes and extent of his skirt-problems, after becoming acquainted with many children around the world (number nine on the way…identified) did not stop Conservative voters from furthering his political career and allowing him to become two-term Mayor of London.

When he became mayor, he complained about his salary of “only” €163,000 a year and decided to continue working as a columnist for The Daily Telegraph where he was paid another €292,000 a year.

During his second term, preferential treatment and contracts granted to a close friend were demonstrated, continuing his tendency already indicated in his first term to benefit his network of friends and acquaintances. It doesn’t just happen in some of our independent communities.

Entering Parliament after his mayoralty, he began positioning himself to replace David Cameron, and his position on the Brexit referendum was never clear, despite his campaigning for Brexit…just as he wrote a newspaper column explaining The pros of leaving the EU, I suspect, have published another column in which he has argued the opposite.

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Citizens had “little” evidence of a lack of morality, lack of commitment to citizenship, class and xenophobic views or how their own interests always trump collective interests, and despite all this in October 2019 he was elected prime minister by a landslide.

The votes of 46% of the population gave him an absolute majority, which indicates that in the current politics, a large part of the citizens do not consider the moral character or the multiplicity of controversies in which some candidates have engaged.

His presence in the government will undoubtedly give us many series on television platforms in the coming years, because he succeeded in making reality stranger than fiction during his tenure.

Stay-at-home times when voting following the logic of “all are equal” have implications for democracies and have consequences for the coexistence of citizens.

Boris Johnson has caused distractions during the pandemic and unnecessary deaths. His premiership included deteriorating relations with the European Union and incompetence when it came to achieving those many trade deals they were promised before Brexit.

Boris meant losing faith in politics would have consequences at the next general election which Labor, with an ineffectual leader like Keir Starmer, would win without any doubt.

An analysis of everything that happened at the prime minister’s residence at those private parties during the forced confinement of residents due to the pandemic raises blisters and shows how far Boris Johnson has deceived the public from his position of power and this Thursday it was revealed that he had lied to parliament again and again.

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He has resigned his Member of Parliament and returned to writing columns for the Daily Telegraph and at first boasted of having access to a weight-loss shot unavailable to the rest of the population…with him it wouldn’t go.

Privileged politicians represent themselves and I will never understand those who, being socioeconomically on the other side of the scale, applaud and vote for corruption, thieves and scoundrels.

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