Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity goes to real life in the UK: Reaches a Record | TV and display

The Prince Harry and Duke Meghan Markle They pray Record levels of unpopularity with the British After he was interviewed on US television and accused of racism, according to a poll published Friday.

According to a YouGov Institute survey of 1,664 adults, for the first time, more Britons own A negative (48%) opinion of Harry is more than positive (45%)..

For their part, 31% of respondents expressed a positive view of the 39-year-old American actress Megan Markle, while 58% saw it as negative.

Instead, the data points to this The popularity of the rest of the royal family has not been diminished by the revelation The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who cited unsustainable media pressure, racism and a lack of royal support for Megan’s suicidal ideas as reasons for her withdrawal from the monarchy.

In their interview with American TV star Oprah Winfrey, the couple alluded to conversations by an anonymous member of the royal family – who later determined that it was neither the Queen nor her 99-year-old husband Philip – about skin color and their children. Because Megan’s mother is black.

However, not everything is negative for the Dukes of Sussex, as in-depth analysis reveals a large variation according to the ages of the respondents: Most Britons between the ages of 18 and 24 have a positive opinion of Prince Harry (59%) and Meghan (55%)..

But polls are more positive in the US, where the couple’s popularity soared after the interview, to 69% (+23 points) and 67% (+22 points), respectively.

This makes them the most highly regarded figure of the British royals in the US, surpassing even the Queen (65%), according to this Morning Consult survey.

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Meanwhile, with 80% approval, Elizabeth II still tops the list of Britain’s favorite royal personalities.

Prince William, Harry’s brother and second in the Succession Series, and his wife Kate are still very popular, with about three-quarters of the opinions in favor.

Only Prince Charles, 72, was hurt, with a 6-point increase in negative reviews (to 42%) and a 9-point drop in favorable opinion (to 49%).

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