Boris Johnson pledges to pit the UK against the European Union in a race for success | Brexit

Britain is heading to a new chapter in its relationship with the rest of Europe Boris Johnson A pledge to pit the country against the European Union in a race for economic success.

After nine months of arduous conversations, Prof. Brixi The trade was locked at 1.44pm GMT on Christmas Eve, to avoid exiting the no-trade deal from the transition period only a week earlier.

The deal was met with “a sorrowful relief” in Brussels. But Johnson said it was a settlement of the thorny issue Britain’s relationship with Europe, 48 years since the country joined the then European Economic Community.

“This European question has been going on for decades,” the Prime Minister said, “This European question has been going on for decades. I think it gives us the platform, and the basis for a new relationship that is really thriving.”

Johnson said the deal fulfilled the promise of a “mega free trade area” marked by “regulatory competition”. “We have regained control of the laws and our destiny … We have regained control of every atom and little of our regulations in a complete and unrestricted manner.”

The Prime Minister said the UK won the right to “set our own standards, to innovate the way we want” in key sectors such as biosciences and artificial intelligence. British laws will be made by the British Parliament only. Interpreted by British judges sitting in the UK courts.

for him Optimism contradicts expectations From the government’s independent forecasting official, Office of Budget Responsibility, which forecasts Brexit at 4% of GDP over the medium term.

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From January 1, most UK citizens will lose the right to freedom of movement and UK companies will face significant additional costs in doing business with their largest export market.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen gently questioned Johnson’s understanding of sovereignty, the mantra of the British negotiations led by David Frost, welcoming the agreement.

“Of course, this whole discussion has always been about sovereignty,” she said. “But we have to skip the syllables and ask ourselves what sovereignty really means in the 21st century.”

“For me, it’s about being able to do work, travel, study, and do business smoothly in 27 countries. It’s about pooling our strength and talking together in a world full of great powers. And in a time of crisis, it’s about getting each other excited. Instead of trying to get back on your feet on your own.”

And the European Union It shows how this works in practice. There is no agreement in the world that can change reality [the] Gravity in today’s economy. In today’s world, we are one of the giants. “

Von der Leyen referred to Shakespeare, the Beatles, and TS Eliot It also ushered in the new era. “It has been a long and winding road, but we have a lot to show. That’s fair. It’s a balanced deal. It’s the right and responsible thing to do for both sides.” At the end of successful negotiations I usually feel happy. But today I just feel calm and relaxed, honestly.

“I know this is a difficult day for some, and for our friends in the UK, I would like to say that parting is a beautiful sadness but, to use TS Eliot’s line, what we call the beginning is often the end. To achieve an end is often the beginning. So I think the time has come. To leave for all Europeans Brixi behind.”

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Most of Johnson’s themes in his speech, including sovereignty, organizational independence and fishing, were those close to the hearts of pro-Brexit lawmakers who helped him win the leadership of the Conservative Party last year.

As lawmakers prepare to vote on the agreement on Wednesday 30 December, Downing Street kept skeptical European Parliament members in close contact with the development of negotiations.

After sealing the deal, many said they would wait for the judgment of the “star room” of experts convened by the European Research Group to exit the agreement line by line.

The group consists of lawyers and politicians, including the former Europe Minister David Jones is expected to publish the results on Monday.

In a sign of upcoming battles, representatives of the fishing industry said it was “bitterly disappointed” at what Johnson described as the “massive” increase in the amount of fish the UK could land.

Barry Dias, president of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations, said Johnson had a “Ted Heath moment” – referring to his predecessor’s ceding of fishing rights in British waters in 1973. A five-and-a-half-year transition period. Making incremental changes, with the UK accepting to repatriate 25% of quotas, amounted to “justice postponement, justice denied”, he said.

The prime minister urged Brexit supporters and the rest to emerge from the divisions that have plagued British politics since the referendum. My message to everyone is on both sides of this argument In 2016 Do I really think now it’s been a long time behind us, “he said.

He claimed that the UK would remain “culturally, emotionally, historically, strategically, and geologically linked to Europe, not least through the 4 million European Union citizens who have sought to settle in the UK over the past four years and who make an enormous contribution to our country and to our lives”.

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Chief negotiator for the European Union, Michel Barnier, He said it was a “rest day, but it was tinged with some sadness.” He regretted the government’s decision Not to be a partner in the Erasmus student exchange program And the lack of cooperation in foreign policy and defense.

European Union leaders will be subject to scrutiny of the deal, but both French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have said they believe the agreement will be in effect by the end of the year.

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