Bolsonaro “fake and genocide” Lula يا

“I never imagined that Brazil would be elected as president of a genocidal man, a facho who does not like black people or LGBTI, in fact, does not like unions, workers, Indians, they do not want to preserve our Amazon rainforest,” confirmed the ex-president of that country Lula de Silva .

He said this in an exclusive interview published today by the Buenos Aires newspaper Pagina 12, in which he stressed the need for a “united” Latin America.

In this sense, he noted that the President of the United States, “Joe Biden, must understand that Latin America must have the right to grow.”

“We must never give up. It is necessary that we fight to give people the right to vote with conscience,” Lula expanded and said that “the setback we are going through in South America begins with the recovery with the victory of Alberto Fernandez in Argentina, with the return of Luis Arce to the government of Bolivia, with the victory of Pedro Castillo in Peru.” Although the latter has not yet been officially confirmed.

Lula considered that there is currently no democracy in his country with Bolsonaro as president and demonstrated his determination to hold the president to account.

“We have a president who does not promote love, brotherhood or solidarity. He is hatred, he has summoned paramilitary groups, and now his genocide is being deliberated in the International Criminal Court (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, NDR) on the Covid-19 issue,” said the Labor founder (PT) for Página 12.

“Corruption complaints appear every day. We are encouraging in the National Congress with great weight – with many entities – to impeach President Bolsonaro. We will see if the House votes on him because they stopped voting on 120 impeachment motions against Slither.

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“Society begins to move, to demonstrate, and also begins to take part in public actions against the government.

We are moving quickly to strengthen the democratic process in Brazil and restore democracy.

“Hope is what moves us,” Lula added.

“Unfortunately, the press in Brazil did not bother to report what happened. They were worried about lying to the Workers’ Party and against Lula, the source of the lies for a long time. And that they investigated: fascism in the Presidency of the Republic,” he noted.

Lula also expressed his gratitude for the support he received from Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Kirchner during his detention.

“I want to visit Argentina this year and thank the people,” he concluded.

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