UK controversy over cost and design of ‘new’ BBC logo

People arrive at Radio House, BBC headquarters in London (Reuters/Paul Hackett/File)

The BBCUK public television, It received a wave of criticism for the cost of its new logo, which looks very similar to the previous one.

The iconic logo is made up of three blocks and the letters “BBC”, featuring Use a different, smaller font and prevent slight spacing of those shown in the logo above. nothing else.

to redesign, The BBC spent ‘tens of thousands of pounds’ of taxpayers’ moneyAccording to the newspaper the sun, Although the modifications are minor.

Above, the new BBC logo;  down the old man.
Above, the new BBC logo; down the old man.

The logo was revealed on the streaming service’s website BBC identification in February. It is expected to be shown on all UK TV channels in the fall.

The font used in the new logo is BBC Wraith, a BBC-owned font created in 2018 and named after the company’s founder, Lord Reith.

The new BBC logo
The new BBC logo

When the line was first introduced, the company said: “Given the size of our organization, the implementation of printing will be gradual.”

From display to merchandise to building signage, over time, Wraith will appear in most BBC mediaSupport and inform the next evolution of our visual identity.”

According to TV analysts Clean Feed, citing the sun, the new logo “It appears to be a poorly executed mockup of the current logo.”

They added that the company will “It’s hard to explain an account like this, for such an insignificant change”.

for this part, The BBC denied that the cost of the new logo was “significant”., although it did not reveal how much was invested in the redesign.

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“We use our own source, which we hold the copyright to, when we update BBC content or products,” the company said. “It would be wrong to suggest that the costs of designing the blocks were significant.”

The first incarnation of the BBC block logo appeared in 1958 and consisted of square boxes with italic letters, as opposed to the first italic logo seen in the 1960s.

The evolution of BBC logos (Image via
The evolution of BBC logos (Image via

It wasn’t even The ’90s straightened the chests and changed the font to Gill Sans To create the logo that is still in use on UK channels today.

The BBC logo has been used so far
The BBC logo has been used so far

This design became the company’s longest-running logo.

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