BlueBlox publishes an abandoned photo and now everyone is thinking about Metal Gear

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BlueBox Game Studios, responsible for the controversial upThey did it again, and after they ignited the morale of the crowd, they believed it It was a project related to silent Hill And included with Hideo Kojima, which they later denied, once again stirred up the hype with a post now proposing hard lime metal.

¿up It will have something to do with it hard lime metal?

Yes, as you can read, today BlueBox Game Studios once again made their mark with a post on their official Twitter account where they showcased the app up For the PlayStation 5. Initially, the post states that it will be a real-time experience, so it is important that those interested in up Download it just in time for your new Sony console.

However, the controversy came later because in the photo the character’s face is shown in the background, the problem is that he has an eye patch and his features immediately led him to think of Big Boss, or at least something to do with a character hard lime metal, although it must be borne in mind that the most advanced of the pupils of The Boss has the correction on his right eye, the one he lost, and not on the left.

As if that wasn’t much, there are blurry characters at the top of the image, which prompts players to call up a preview Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which in its trailer and previous images showed part of the title, which was decoded by fans of design techniques on PC.

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application up It will be available on PS5 on July 29th It is expected that on August 10 there will be an introduction to the game and a few days after the official trailer will be revealed.

¿silent Hill NS metal equipment? ¿up Would it have anything to do with any of these perks?

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