Black Widow: Around the World

output from Black Widow It started in the European summer of 2019 and lasted 87 days. The film’s scenes were shot on location in various cities in the UK, Norway and Morocco, as well as in Budapest and Atlanta. Co-producer Brian Chappk says the filmmakers wanted the film to be broad and mundane to reflect Natasha’s story. “Because this is a global spy movie, it was important to put Natasha in places in the real world, places that would have been impossible to imitate on an outdoor set. It was important, to achieve this sense of reality, to go to many of these places and shoot there”, explain.

In turn, the team agreed that they had to tell the story in several cities with very disparate styles. From Tangiers to Budapest, the film traverses the most diverse landscapes, somehow grounded in plot and character.

Refuge in Norway, a major starting point in Budapest

The production chose the magical landscapes of Norway to show the refuge Natasha chose after breaking the Sokovia Accords and being persecuted. The film was shot for two days in a small fishing village called Sæbø and then in the valley of Trollstigen Road. “We chose Norway because it gave us such a vast landscape and that nature reflected so well where Natasha was in her life and it was a turning point for her.”says Jimmy Lengel, Site Administration Supervisor.

In the meantime, Budapest has great narrative weight in the story and was an obligatory destination for the production. “I think Natasha is upset. He has a strong sense of doom. There are lingering issues and guilt that haunts her, and the origin of everything seems to go back to what happened in Budapest. The film is not about what happened in Budapest, but it helps to understand the weight that Natasha is carrying and what is weighing on her.” It gave us a very good starting point for a lot of what happens in the movie.”In addition, one of the film’s most important encounters takes place in that city: Natasha with her sister Yelena (Florence Pugh), whom she has not seen in twenty years.

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Filming included the exterior of the Budapest house, where Natasha was reunited with Jelena, as well as the subsequent pursuit of Elena and Natasha by murderous widows. The film was shot for two weeks in Budapest, from the city streets to the roofs of the old Stock Exchange Palace. Sites also include the Budapest-Keleti railway station (east), the Budapest-Nyugati subway station (west), and a gas station where Natasha and Jelena recover after a chase.

Mission in Tangiers, family in Atlanta

The production also moved to the Moroccan city of Tangiers, where scenes were shot with Florence Pugh in which Yelena performs a complex assignment. For production designer Charles Wood, filming in Tangier provided the scale needed for the sequence. “It seemed to us that we had to shoot outdoors in a city like that to give the right dimension, texture, and story.”, Dice.

On the other hand, Atlanta was chosen to recreate the Ohio suburb in which Natasha lived for three years in a manufactured family structure, with spy parents and a younger sister. A local street in Chamblee provided the right look of ’90s architecture for outdoor shots.

UK, chameleon

like production Black Widow It was based in Pinewood Studios, on the outskirts of London, and the UK site division found several spaces to recreate settings from different countries. The Hankley Joint Nature Reserve in Surrey made the Russian wilderness, providing the vast landscape that surrounded Milena (Rachel Weisz) Ranch, while the nearby military barracks were converted to become the outside of the farm. Dunsfold Airport served as Ohio’s airport, and RAF Upper Hayford Park became a Cuban airport. Finally, the bridge in Scotland becomes a prime location in Norway where Natasha meets Taskmaster for the first time.

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world of pinewood studios

64 movies created from sets Black Widow At Pinewood Studios a team of artists and technicians have worked who have created different places such as the mysterious Red Room, Natasha’s family home, Jelena’s apartment in Budapest, Gulag prison and more. Additional sets were also built at Cardington Studios, about 50 miles from London.

Footage of the spy’s family home shows a major turning point in Natasha’s story, while also introducing key people from her past. The house was designed to mimic a classic American family home, complete with a quirky set of photographs, which are an important part of its fake identity, and a handful of fireflies added with visual effects.

Another scenario built was the bridge where Natasha and Taskmaster would encounter in battle, near Natasha’s lair in Norway. The filmmakers found what they were looking for on the Ballachulish Bridge in Scotland, but closing a busy bridge for weeks wasn’t possible, not counting the special effects needed for the scene. So, a third of the bridge was reproduced at Cardington Studios, and the visual effects team created the rest using CGI.

Meanwhile, Yelena’s Budapest apartment presented the team with the challenge of creating a series of rooms through which the camera could flow. In addition, the lighting was done with special care. “We allow light into the performance areas through windows and as far as possible from the groups. This light that comes from a single source is refracted through the windows of the spaces, invading the group as little as possible. The lighting has a very unique and natural look.”Cinematographer Gabriel Berstein explains.

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The largest set ever built was the Gulag Prison, which was located outside of Pinewood. “The design was based on an old nuclear reactor –Dice Wood. It should give the impression of a converted place, an old Soviet nuclear power plant that fell into disuse over the years and now houses these dangerous prisoners.”

Finally, the team joins forces to revive the famous Red Room, the mysterious and controversial spy training program for widows. Since his actual location is unknown – not even Natasha knows where he is – the designers were especially careful, from the public’s point of view, not to know where he was. “We wanted to create a world based on an earlier time. In our history, the Red Room was built at the time of the Space Race, in the 1960s. We gave it a retro look with many architectural references from the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s,” Completa Wood.



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