Biology degree curricula are prepared accurately and transparently: Director of the Faculty of Biological Sciences

After a group of 25 research professors from the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the UJED Gómez Palacio Campus reported a series of disagreements following the approval of the curriculum for the bachelor's degree in Biology, Director Jorge Saenz Mata assured that the process had been carried out with all precision and transparency.

He explained in a statement that the process was based on the careful application of the methodological guide for the curriculum redesign of the University of Juarez, Durango State (UJED), carefully aligned with the principles and guidelines of the new educational model approved in November. 25, 2022.

The above, after dissatisfied teachers asserted that the curriculum does not comply with established procedures or accreditation of academies in relevant studies.

The document explains chronologically that in June 2023, a group of 10 academics expressed interest in the process, receiving detailed information about the election of participants in the restructuring committee and the methodology to be followed. After that, four academics joined only a few weekly sessions. On January 12, 2024, a Common Core Academies and Biology meeting was held, where the new curriculum was presented and socially disseminated. An electronic space was then opened to receive comments, and it received three comments. He also explains that, at the request of the academics, an additional working meeting was held on January 15, 2024, to explain the results of the relevance study and the proposal to update the study plan, and noted that to date, no written proposal has been received from the applying academics.

On January 19, 2024, the Teaching Advisory Council was held, where the academics and group leaders participated in socializing and approving the update of the study plan, which was approved by a quorum, and received 13 votes in favor, 3 abstentions, and 3 abstentions. 3 vs.

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In response to the request for an extension of time to review and analyze the document, Saenz Mata reiterated that the update of the study plan is the result of institutionalized and organized collective work that began several years ago and emphasized that attention and opportunities for participation were given during the same period to those who requested it, so these disagreements respond more to personal interests. and the political aspirations of some dissatisfied academics.

The Director offered academics, students and other participants an open dialogue to address any concerns and ensure the successful implementation of the curriculum update.

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