Biological Sciences at the University defends the study plan; They reject teachers' disagreements

After a complaint by a group of about 25 research professors from the Faculty of Biological Sciences of UJED, Gómez Palacio Campus, arguing that the study plan for the bachelor's degree in Biology, which will start in February this year, allegedly does not comply with the procedures in place nor with the approval of the academics In related studies, Bayern's manager, Jorge Sainz Mata, issued a statement rejecting the claims.

It was Friday, January 19, when “El Siglo” published the position of the research professors on the new approach, which they said they considered “an imposition that will greatly affect future generations of biologists,” which they assert does not exist. Sequential analysis, there are changes in subject names not authorized by practicing teachers and the plan is going in the opposite direction to some comments from external accreditation agents.

However, Jorge Saenz Mata, Director of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, criticized the academics, stressing that “the process has been carried out with precision and transparency,” stressing that “the foundation of this process depends on the careful application of the UJED” methodological guide to redesigning the curriculum, carefully in line with Principles and guidelines for the new educational model approved on November 25, 2022.”

“This process was led by the Curriculum Restructuring Committee, which was established in accordance with the university’s guidelines,” the director said in his statement.

Management responses

In response to the statements of the research professors who stated that the times specified for calling for the academies’ meeting were not respected, and there was no official letter supporting the invitation from the heads of the academies, nor an administrative letter that included all faculty members, the FCB director emphasized that there was “inclusion of the entire community in the process.” “, adding that, he emphasizes, there was also sufficient socialization of the curriculum and it was approved “with a quorum.”…, obtaining 13 votes in favour, 3 abstentions and 3 against.

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Finally, with regard to the request to extend the deadline to review and analyze the document, the director insisted that updating the curriculum is “the result of institutionalized and organized collective work that began several years ago,” considering that “interest, participation, and opportunities were provided during the same period to those who requested it.” Likewise, he noted in response to the controversies that these “refer more to the personal interests and political aspirations of some dissatisfied academics.”

It is worth noting that in their complaint yesterday, the teacher-researchers warned that they do not validate the socialization process, evaluate the draft curriculum, draft curriculum map, or compile the relevant study until all of these teachers are involved. From faculty members who are interested in the process and “through models and with respect to the same values ​​as the university’s educational model.” Likewise, they said they had a “willingness, interest and desire to cooperate in all processes affecting teaching, research, administration and teaching, as well as any academic activity with which they are entrusted”.

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