Benjamin Gill leaves Mariachis

chiaroscuro day to organize the Mariachis de Guadalajara of the Mexican baseball league, since their manager Benjamín Gil leaves the organization to join the Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball starts this year.

“I feel very happy, gratitude is a blessing, a lot of work has been done. I think it is a combination of the path before I became a manager, it helped me to play in the major leagues, the kind of career I have, in which I had to be very versatile in my behavior and my work” , He said.

bungee He played with the Angels from 2000 to 2003, and was able to win the world championship with this ninth in 2002, Where he coincided with current manager of the team Joe Maddon.

As coach of Mariachis de Guadalajara, Benjamín Gil has racked up a mark of 46 wins and 17 losses, rising as the team’s best in the 2021 season, being one of the best records in summer baseball history. In addition, he received the General Manager award.

He explained that he’s not saying goodbye to Mariachis, but “see you later”, as he intends to return sometime.

“I hope they don’t see that leaving a void. My imprint is with the Mariachis. If it weren’t for this kind of opportunity, I wouldn’t have left Guadalajara. It’s been reported that I signed a three-year contract, and that contract is only on hold, I don’t know how long I’ve been in the States, and I hope That this be a good time. In the future I will be able to return to mariachisEven if it’s for a season or two, that’s the contract. I love Guadalajara, adore the city and lovers of Mariachis. Tell them that I carry them in my heart and that I am still a mariachi,” Benjamin said.

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