Belize is seeking to boost tourism with improvements to its infrastructure

According to Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler, certain amounts will be used for marketing plans, training programs and also to reach an agreement with a European tour operator.

He stated that most of it would be used to improve infrastructure, and noted, among other things, the need for better waste management, and the importance of having marinas where people could dock their boats.

The official, who was reported by Belize TV’s Channel 5, indicated that they have a committee specialized in evaluating projects, while priorities are set with government authorities and then starting to implement the plans.

Speaking to the same outlet, Mahler noted that the numbers associated with tourism in Belize continue to trend upward.

He confirmed to the TV station, without providing further details, that the months of January and February recorded the highest increase in the number of visitors so far this year, and also indicated that June was a good month for the arrival of vacationers.

“We’ve strategically marketed Belize this season so we can reduce that recession that we see a lot at this time. July started well. We saw June do well and we expect that if no hurricane hits, we’ll have a good summer season.”


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