After sweeping the UK, McDonald’s brought the first Big Mac chicken to Spain

The commitment to chicken as the protagonist of McDonald’s offer has taken a radical turn with the launch of the first version in our country with this alternative to beef from its most famous product, the Big Mac.

Having achieved massive success in the UK with the US multinational’s first test using this chicken variety in February last year, the brand has now decided to offer it to the Spanish public for a limited time. The first Big Mac not made with beef Since its launch more than 40 years ago, it has succeeded in becoming an international economic indicator for measuring a country’s wealth.

In this way, he serves 580 chain restaurants in our country From today until August 28th The hamburger, in addition to the breaded chicken fillet, keeps the rest of the ingredients of the traditional version launched in 1981 such as fresh lettuce, pickles, cheddar cheese and the famous sauce whose secret recipe has won a legion of fans over the last four decades.

Further, this launch becomes the star of the company’s chicken-initiated strategy that was It was preceded in our country by the presentation of a hot new version of McNuggets weeks ago It complements other products made from poultry such as the McCrispy hamburger, Crispy Chicken McWraps, Chicken McBites, CBO, or the classic McPollo hamburger.

According to the company’s marketing director for Spain, Natalia Echeverría, “at McDonald’s We actively listen to our brand fans. This is how the idea to create the new Big McChicken was born, because we didn’t want to leave chicken lovers without discovering the distinctive flavor of one of our signature products.”

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