Bad Bunny made a plank from the third rope in the Royal Rumble

Latin artists continue to triumph United State s Royal Rumble He provided proof of this when he was a special guest Bad rabbit, Who not only performed one of his songs, but also entered the ring.

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While the gladiators were in a quarrel, a “bad rabbit” appeared and began making words with it DistinctionWho ended up taking them out of the ring with a tie around his neck.

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Adrenaline rush The bad bunny And the dream of millions of fans of WWEHe saw the opportunity, and he ran to the corner of the string and climbed up the third rope to zip into a plank that wasn’t very aesthetic, but amazing.

Thus, the Puerto Rican singer concluded his debut in Royal Rumble, Which is his second major sporting event in the US, where we must remember he was actually at EnergyA year ago, thanks to their invitation Jennifer Lopez s Shakira, On that occasion he and J Palvin They were the guests.

The other big surprise in the evening was that edge He who took Royal RumbleSo you’ve already secured your place in WrestleMania.

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