Awarded the Guajiritos de mi Llanura Prize in Colón

One of the traditions rooted in the municipality colon is the celebration San Pepricondio woke upin which the representation of a ghostly figure refers to rural myths and legends relating to the supposed appearance of the deceased.

It is more than a superstition, it is an excuse to devote a night to a peasant party celebration. As a novelty, the competition was awarded this year and among the summer proposals “Guajiritos of my Plain”, The competition was held by the Municipal Ministry of Culture to promote actions in the implementation Food Sovereignty Act, Food Safety and Nutrition Education.

The journalist from Radio Llanura de Colón, Efraín Rodríguez Salas and the TV reporter for this region have received awards in different categories for their promotional work.

In animation photography, Olga, Lydia Morejon and Filiberto Delgado won for messages about healthy eating. In the meantime, in composition and musical interpretation, they became acquainted with Liana Suarez, Samuel Suarez Pérez and the Peasant group They are easy.

In placing the aforementioned law logo, visual artist Armando de Marcos was the winner and they congratulate Raul del Puerto Alonso for the work of promotion, organization and publication of the Guajiritos de mi Llanura event. (WBC)

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