Argentine Prime Minister Maradona’s rebels in 1985: they will play in the qualifiers

TAS yesterday confirmed that the LFP must submit to the CONMEBOL International Tournaments in the qualifying rounds. And the body headed by Taiba announced, on Wednesday, that it would not do so, but the precautionary measures were refused. As a result of this decision, the Barcelona-Sevilla and Villarreal-Alavés match was postponed. Likewise, the schedules for seven matches were modified.

Watermelon Prime Minister opened last Tuesday by issuing release They warned against vetoing South American players for the qualifying rounds. “The Premier Clubs have unanimously decided today not to release players for the international matches that will be held in the Red List countries next month. The clubs decision will apply to approximately 60 players from 19 major clubs, Which will travel to 26 countries on the red list in the September international window.”

Traveling to these countries would mean quarantine upon return, something that would leave players for at least a month without playing. To the ten days without training, the time taken to recover the form will be added. Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, confirmed that “the quarantine requirements mean that players’ well-being and physical fitness will be significantly affected.”

Emiliano Martinez, Aston Villa goalkeeper. (Reuters)

Argentina is on the red list

Argentina is on the UK red list. However, four players in the Premier League are – Lo Celso, Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia and Christian Romero – They have expressed their intention to travel to Venezuela on the plane made available to them by the AFC. Martinez, the Aston Villa footballer, confirmed this on his Twitter account after the weekend’s game. Next stop, Argentina. They wore the mask of Maradona, who actually did something similar.

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It was 1985. It is true that the situation cannot be compared because there was no pandemic. However, Diego again left signs of his rebellion. Argentina played two friendlies and wanted to take part in them. billiards The captain had given it to him, but he had not yet released it. His last match in the national team was in July 1982, in the match he lost to Brazil in Spain (1-3). Three years was a very long time without wearing a basiliste.

On Sunday, April 21, 1985, Napoli beat Inter in San Paolo (3-1). Maradona went to the press conference and was frank: “I travel to Argentina, whatever happens, on Sunday, May 5, after the match against Juventus. And not even President Bertini can stop me, because he can’t stop the planes leaving from Rome.”

Maradona in Naples. (EFE)

I will travel yes or yes

On April 28, after a draw with Roma (1-1), he spoke again. “I want you to understand me; I do not intend to go to my country the hard way, But I desperately need to play for the national team and be at Bilardo’s disposal from May 6. I guess I have reasons for him to understand me, right?

The Italian Federation, headed by Antonio Mataris, sent telex to Naples and Fiorentina, where Passarella played, banning them from traveling until the end of the league. Before the May 5 match against Juventus, Maradona sat in front of the journalists again: “I travel, even if the federation and the club do not want to.”

After the match against the Bianconeri (0-0) he confirmed his departure. He said he traveled and traveled. But I warn you that I will be back on Friday to play against Udinese on Sunday. Then I go back to Argentina. Then I will return to the match against Fiorentina. Neither Mataris nor anyone can tell me a word. I have my own club. I will spend 15 days traveling, yes, but I have no other alternative. I will not miss a match. Whoever loves her is fine. And for someone who doesn’t do it.”

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Maradona, dropped during the World Cup. (Reuters)

Matarese did not want him to travel because Napoli had to face Udinese, who were playing relegation. The rest of the clubs that were fighting for survival – Avellino, Como and Ascoli – argued, with good reason, that playing against Napoli with Maradona would not be the same without him. That’s why Diego plays both jerseys.

“No one tells me if I can play for the national team or not.”

Maradona covered more than 80,000 kilometers between Sunday May 5 and Monday 20. On the 19th, Serie A finished, with Napoli finishing eighth, three points behind Milan and Juventus. Thanks to those trips, he managed to make his first two matches as a captain: a draw against Paraguay (1-1) and a victory over Chile (2-0). At the end of May, it was the qualifying round. But earlier, when he traveled for friendly matches, he left another statement to remember. Argentine journalist Titi Fernandez warned him. “Diego, the Napoli doctors came to see if they let you play for the national team.” He asked “Where are they?” At the airport, in Ezeiza. “Get on board and go. Nobody tells me if I can play for the national team or not.”

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