6 horror movies on Netflix that will scare you this weekend

Few things are scarier than the real world, but it sure is Try these horror movies on Netflix. Now that the genre has dominated the post-pandemic box office, with hit shows like “A Quiet Place 2,” “The Warren File: Forced by the Demon,” and the upcoming “Candyman” and “Maligno,” it’s the perfect time to experience strong emotions, too. and later We searched the platform catalog for interesting, and above all different proposals. We have tried not to be too stereotypical, and the result is a list of films from these different nationalities (Iran, Indonesia, USA, Argentina, UK… as well as Spain!) for their patterns, history and mechanisms in terrorism. Some confuse their concerns with hints of comedy, others are looking for the social message, and others are simply looking for the most effective way to make you jump on the couch. Watch out for the popcorn, it’s sacred.

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The Old Ways (Christopher Alander, 2020)

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A little legend here, a little property there, all filled with a very bloody streak and a horrifying setting: this movie by Christopher Alnder, one of the little-known horror movies on Netflix so we can give them a chance to freak out. This is how the summary reads: Cristina, a journalist of Mexican descent, travels to her country house in Veracruz to investigate the history of witchcraft and healers, but there she is kidnapped by a group of locals who claim she is possessed by the Devil. It must be taken out. The film will show us how this poor woman is trying to escape the clutches of this society, although it also raises the inevitable question: What if they’re right and Cristina, in fact, has something dark inside of her?

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Bajo La Sombra (Babak Anvari, 2016)

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You may have seen Wounds on Netflix with Dakota Johnson and the #1 Recoil Hammer in Hollywood by now, but you were wrong: Iranian Khair director Babak Anfari is actually “Under the Shadow”, his impressive debut in 2016.. Set in the final days of the armed conflict between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s, the story centers on a woman and her young daughter as they deal not only with terrorism on the streets of Tehran, but also inside their home: Be the Satanist. It manifests itself between the four walls and turns your house into a haunted house. Symbolic of women’s oppression, the film mixes a politician with a villain. More importantly, it leaves us terrified.

May the Devil Take You (Timo Tjahjanto, 2018)

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Indonesian Timo TjijantoWell versed in martial arts and horror (he’s signed up for two movies you can’t miss if you like Iko Uwais brand cakes: “Headshot” and “Tonight’s Us,” both on Netflix), Bodies. With this 2018 movie. I Wish The Devil Will Take You follows a young woman who must move into a house in the middle of the woods with her stepmother and siblings as a result of her father’s illness. And we already know that cabins in the woods are never a good idea: Of course, there’s a demonic entity swirling around the place.This will make them pass wonderfully. It has a sequel, “I wish the devil took you too” (“I wish the devil took you too”), if you want to do something double, Sea of ​​Pleasure.

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Terrified (Demián Rugna, 2017)


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Don’t expect what you will find in this Argentine movie Demian RognaIt’s a box of surprises from start to finish. “Aweed” builds step by step, event after event, a mosaic of paranormal phenomena that continues From people disappearing to children rising from the grave, to invisible killers and demonic voices.. It all creates a sick and horrific atmosphere that ends on a high note. You only have to watch the first (and shocking) scene to realize that you are experiencing something different, original and highly recommended.

Voices (Ángel Gómez Hernández, 2020)

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to realize that a well-made wheel works perfectly. This cheap metaphor helps us tell you that “Voces” directed by Angel Gomez Hernandez is a typical haunted and psychological horror film in the style of married couple Warren.. This is very useful for horror fans or just those looking to get a little scared this weekend. The story follows a family moving into a new house, known among the locals as the “House of Sounds”, which doesn’t sound very attractive. However, they disappear and, in fact, sounds begin to appear, which leads to disastrous consequences. Run away with text twists and “jump games” and you’ll have the perfect bar for a night of horror, blanket and popcorn..

Wicked (Olav de Fleur Johansson, 2018)

Florence Po in El Malivolo

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We’re not going to lie: It’s not the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. But not the worst either. If that’s enough for you, Malevolent is waiting for you on Netflix. She has a clear point in her favour, which is Florence Bio.. The actress made her debut in this movie before becoming one of the fashion stars thanks to movies like Little Women, Midsommar and soon the director of Marvel Black Widow, but her talent was already more than incorporated at the time. The film is set in Glasgow in 1986, where four young men “haunt ghosts” in local haunted houses, even though it is a scam. With Ben Lloyd HughesAnd Scott Chambers And Georgina BevanPugh leads these cheap ghost hunters who will one day have to confront a real paranormal phenomenon.

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