Are you planning to travel to the United Kingdom? Follow these tips for safe immigration transit

As of November 9, 2022, Colombians do not need a visitor visa to travel to British territory for periods of up to six months to carry out tourism activities, or short courses, among others, and are not allowed to work; However, the final decision to enter the UK is at the discretion of the immigration authority.

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For this reason, and with the aim of promoting a safe, orderly and regular migration process, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Colombian Consulate in the United Kingdom, shares the following recommendations:

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– Make sure you have a valid passport or travel document for the duration of your stay.

– buy a Medical insurance that covers you and your dependents during your stay.

– You have contact details for the Colombian Consulate in London:

Local phone: (+44) 02076379893

UK Toll Free: (+44) 08082342176

Email: [email protected]

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In addition, the British authorities may require you to show:

Sufficient economic resources for your accommodation and that of your dependents during your trip.

– The ability to pay for a return trip or continue your journey to another country.

You will not live in the UK for extended periods of time through frequent or successive visits, and you will not make the UK your principal place of residence.

To leave the country at the end of your visit.

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The State Department remembers that This is not a work visa and there are immigration and financial penalties for breaches of UK law.

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