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behind Unveiling new programs with a goal of 2024December will be a difficult month for all Spanish TV channels. Anna GorkaThe Honduran journalist and one of the main characters of the program “Telemundo Deportes” last weekend said goodbye to what had been her television home for a decade. Was there a specific reason for saying goodbye?

Everything has an end, nothing lasts forever. This could be the beginning of a famous song, but it’s actually Anna Gorka’s case with Telemundo. The journalist from Honduras bid farewell to her television home after 10 years of work and commitment.

It was last weekend when the broadcaster faced the difficult decision to bid farewell to her fans. “Today I want to announce that after 10 years I have decided to leave Telemundo and today is my last day with this team that I love so much.”He stated this on his program “Zona Mixta”.

Anna Jurka leaves “Telemundo Deportes” after 10 years (Photo: anajurka / Instagram)

The broadcaster also praised her previous program, noting that it succeeded in changing her perspective on what it means to be a sports journalist. “Telemundo Deportes changed my life and left an impact on me in a way that I will never forget. Here I laughed like I had never laughed anywhere else, I worked with amazing people who became my friends, I went to places I never thought I would go and I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to.” mental.“He said, on the verge of tears.

Anna Gorka: Why are you leaving TELEMUNDO DEPORTES after 10 years?

Anna Gorka, who has more than two million followers on Facebook, was clear in signaling her exit from her successful sports programme. He always stated that leaving the network was “one of the most difficult decisions” he had made in his career.

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The journalist reveals that Telemundo is her home and that she has the best memories as a professional. He even dared to say that it was one of the companies he held in the highest esteem: “I love this company, I love Telemundo.”pointed out.

The Tegucigalpa native knew she needed to challenge herself, as she counts professional growth as one of her main virtues. “I will leave in search of other prospects to continue to grow professionally, but I leave with a heart full of gratitude and asking God for good things for this company.”He said.

Anna Jurka thanked all her roommates (Photo: Ana Jurka/Instagram)

In conclusion, she thanked all the members of the program and those who shared the apartment with her. “Thank you to all my colleagues who are here, and to all of you at home who have allowed me to be here all this time.”He finished.

Anna Gorka’s career on TELEMUNDO

For the past few years, Jurka has served as the main female face of Telemundo. It covered important events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar and the 2023 Women’s World Cup more recently.

Proof of this is the nearly 400,000 followers he has on Instagram, a social network in which he publishes his various journalistic works, in addition to his tours in different places on the planet.

Anna Gorka covered the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Photo: Anna Gorka/Instagram)

No matter where you go or which TV house you choose, we know you’ll do well, Anna. Good luck on this new adventure!

Personal data of Anna Gorka

  • Birth name: Ana Flores de Gorca
  • date of birth: January 16, 1985
  • Place of growth: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • age: 38 years
  • nationality: Honduras
  • works: Journalist and TV presenter
  • civil status: Married (Joshua Gorka, 2011)
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