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We must openly admit our unhealthy behaviors. If you’re reading these words, your cellphone probably is too android also iOSIt only turns off when its battery is completely dead. You shouldn’t blame yourself, we always strive to stay connected no matter what. Urgent situations don’t send us notice, but there’s a good reason to turn off your mobile device at least once a week.

Posted by Batteries Plus blog It is mentioned that the recommendation is to turn off the phone at least once a week and leave it for a minute or two before turning it back on. You will notice that the overall performance will improve due to closing background apps and clearing the cache of the device.

Few know that turning off the phone android also iOS A memory leak, which occurs when an application requires a certain amount of memory to run, but is unable to free it when it is no longer needed, is eliminated. When this is repeated in many applications, you will notice that the phone runs slower and the battery will last less due to the increased load on the system. Once the smartphone is turned off, apps can be updated without running memory in the background.

Another benefit of your phone is to solve connection problems. Devices that do come back on will have to reconnect to the network and will usually do so with improved stability.

Other improvements when your Android or iOS phone is turned off

  • Many smartphones receive regular software updates from manufacturers and app developers. Restarting your device after installing updates ensures that changes are implemented correctly and that the device runs smoothly with the latest improvements and bug fixes.
  • Did you know that batteries degrade over time? A restart can help the device recalibrate the battery level measurements, and improve the accuracy of battery life indicators.
  • Just like any other computer, smartphones make use of periodic reboots to remove temporary bugs and software conflicts that can accumulate during regular use. A break never hurt anyone.
  • Turning off your smartphone regularly can extend its overall life. By giving the machine a respite from continuous operation, you help prevent component wear and extend the life of the machine.
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