An error has been recorded in the depth gauge of one of the United Kingdom’s Vanguard ballistic submarines

One year after the event occurred, British media reported a malfunction affecting a nuclear-powered ballistic submarine of this class Vanguard From the Royal Navy. According to available information, it suffered a defect in its depth measuring devices while it was preparing to begin patrol missions carrying Trident 2 missiles. For security reasons, the name of the unit or the depth to which it was deployed were not revealed. While recording this news.

A source close to the British Ministry of Defense stated that while the ballistic submarine was about to begin navigation, the submarine Depth gauge The main system failed during the dive, but a secondary device continued to operate, allowing engineers to stop the dive.

Depth gauges or depth meters indicate to the crew how far vertically they are relative to the reference surface. For this reason, the ship was thought to be level when in fact it was submerged. According to an English media outlet, the submarine was within the limits of safety or the depth at which it could operate, but it was quickly submerging the water. “crushing depth” Before the alarm goes off.

Class nuclear ballistic submarines Vanguard They are based in Faslane, Scotland, and according to the Royal Navy, usually have a crew of around 132 people. As for the weapons, they carry missiles Trident II D5 And missile torpedoes Spearfish. Currently, the UK has four units of separation VanguardOnly two of them are operational, while the other two are undergoing refit work and sea trials.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that in January of this year, inspectors reportedly found “flawOn board HMS Vanguard, the lead unit of the class’s four ballistic submarines, as it undergoes maintenance work. Senior Royal Navy officials have launched an urgent safety investigation, but sources say the incident did not disrupt the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

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