An Elden Ring player discovers a great, untold secret after 300 hours of play

Elden Ring continues to leave out the most curious details despite the fact that its players have devoted hundreds of hours to it

Al-Din ring It has become one of the great references for open-world video games. Currently, its major expansion is expected to arrive, Erdtree's shadow, which will be released on June 21 on all platforms. While waiting for the right time to enjoy new content developed by FromSoftware, players are re-exploring the base game and there is one of them discovered Strange and imperceptible details Hidden in the Elden Ring map.

The most impressive thing of all is that it is A secret that was always hidden from viewBut very few players manage to realize this. Via the Reddit forums, user menjagorkarinte has yet to confirm this Over 300 hours of exploration of the Middlelands From the Elden Ring, I never noticed it appear “Little Giants on the Mountaintop Map”as shown in the picture that we leave you below these lines.

After more than 300 hours, I now only noticed the small giants on the mountaintop map
byu/menjagorkarinte inEldring

“Then you walk up to the little giant and realize you're the size of his toe. Then you realize it Those little giants are the size of the giants' fingers and are buried all over Kaled and the mountaintops.“Continues the user, surprised after his discovery. We will have to see what kind of details are included in Shadow of the Erdtree.”

The Shadow of the Erdtree map will be like one of the Elden Ring areas

Many Elden Ring players are wondering How much content will Shadow of the Erdtree include?, which is something the size of your map is crucial to. Hidetaka Miyazaki himself answered the players' questions in this regard. “It's hard to answer without giving too much away and with a high degree of accuracy, but if you think about size or scale, It will likely be similar to, if not larger than, the Limgrave area in the base game“.

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Therefore, anyone who wants to fully explore Shadow of the Erdtree will be able to get an idea of ​​the size of the map that will debut in this content.

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