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In the world of medicine, concern about the potential legal consequences of clinical decisions has given rise to what is known as defensive medicine. This approach, which is characterized by excessive caution on the part of doctors to avoid legal claims, carries certain risks. In this context, the availability of appropriate public liability insurance should be an essential tool to protect medical personnel.

Defensive medicine in medical practice and its risks

Defensive medicine arises in response to medical complaints. These allegations threaten the professional and personal security of doctors, putting at risk what they have fought for their entire lives. In an attempt to protect themselves, some resort to this practice, believing that the more tests performed on a patient, the greater the certainty in diagnosis and treatment. However, the problem is overuse: when these tests are done indiscriminately, they can be harmful even to the patient himself.

The negative effects of defensive medicine are numerous and significant. In addition to the financial costs associated with overuse of medical resources, there is the risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment. This can lead to the over-medicalization of daily life, as well as unnecessary exposure to risks associated with medical procedures.

In addition, defensive medicine can erode trust in the doctor-patient relationship. When patients perceive that doctors are more concerned with avoiding lawsuits than with their safety, the quality of the relationship deteriorates.

The most effective protection tool against these claims is adequate civil liability insurance.

Having strong and appropriate civil liability insurance becomes essential to protect medical professionals so that they can practice normally, as they have always done, caring only for the well-being of their patients.

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Uniteco is an example of a company that offers liability insurance specifically designed for medical professionals. Its broad coverage and experience in the medical field make it a trusted choice for doctors seeking to protect their practice and professional reputation. As a brokerage company specializing in the healthcare sector, we go beyond simply providing civil liability insurance. Its specialists not only understand the medical profession perfectly, but they are also aware of the specific needs of each specialty and understand which aspects need to be protected in the daily practice of each doctor.

A noteworthy aspect is that Uniteco not only protects the doctor from potential lawsuits from his patients, but goes further. It provides full coverage, including legal defense in the event of disputes arising with the hospital, the insurance company itself, or even with the administration.

This multifaceted protection is critical in an increasingly complex and litigious medical environment. Physicians may find themselves not only facing patient claims, but also conflicting with employers, insurance companies, or regulatory authorities. Having access to strong, reliable legal defense in all of these areas gives physicians the peace of mind and security to focus on their clinical practice without fear of legal or financial repercussions.

It follows that defensive medicine is not the answer to protecting yourself from health claims. The clinician must be able to exercise his or her clinical decisions with confidence and security, knowing that he or she has adequate support should any eventuality arise. That's why backing up with the right public liability insurance is essential, although it's not just about that, it's about having the right tool, which understands your specific needs as a doctor and provides comprehensive protection in all areas relevant to your practice.

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