Among the 39 best medical schools of Zamora is the extension of UMSNH

Morelia, Michigan, August 19, 2023. – The College of Medical and Biological Sciences of Zamora Extension of the University of Michoacana of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH) has a high academic and practice standard, said Foundation Director Hector Padilla-Aguirre.

According to a press release, he stressed that the campus located in the municipality of Tangancícuaro offers a quality education for young people in the region who want to dedicate themselves to medicine for 21 years.

He commented that Zamora Extension has good academic results, as it is among the top 50 universities in the country, according to the National Examination of Applicants for Medical Residency (ENARM).

The doctor explained that in this measurement, in which 150 medical schools participate, the university campus he runs ranked 20th and last year it ranked 39th.

“So there is a good level, the teachers are very prepared, there is no shortage of them, they are all specialists. Our university is recognized all over the country, we are well qualified at the national level and we already have graduates doing postgraduate studies abroad.”

Padilla-Aguirre emphasized that as part of the comprehensive training, campus students complete their education from the first semester to the ninth semester in English, which he said is essential in this profession and has been of great value to the body of students, since noting that the latest articles in the world about medicine contain Summary in English.

“Whether it is a German, Japanese or Chinese essay, they provide a summary, which was very useful for our students, and it raised the bar and helped us a lot so that our students leave well prepared.” It is also very useful, he added, when they want to continue studying a specialty, and with this in mind he specified that 40 percent of the graduates of the Zamora Medical Extension are specialists.

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The director explained that this practice is one of the main axes on the university campus, since from the third year young people go to hospitals to practice the profession, which enhances the preparation of future doctors.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of the extension of Zamora for young people in the region who want to study medicine, since with this educational option they do not have to move to Morelia to continue their preparation, after noting that they have received students / as from different municipalities such as Sahuayo, Cotija, Tingüindín and Los Reyes, Uruapan, and Lázaro Cárdenas, to name a few.

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