A jubilant hug with Beckham and a sweet gesture with a team-mate: this is how Messi enjoyed his first title with Inter Miami.

Lionel Messi celebrates with Inter Miami after winning the League Cup

Inter Miami He became a champion for the first time in his history thanks to the penalty shootout win against him Nashville SC in the League Cup Final. But before that, the club founded by David Beckham and the Maas brothers had to struggle, though initial goal to Lionel Messithe great star of the Florida team.

The player from Rosario, who became the winner in the history of the most popular sport in the world, enjoyed unprecedented achievement in a fully expanding league and He lived with stress and relief Wide shooting penalties that are devoted from 9-10 in Heron.

Messi gave Inter peace of mind by scoring the first penalty and then went into the midfield with the rest of his team mates to closely watch the subsequent executions. As the players pass, Leo struggled with Nashville’s goals, but smiled with anticipation at every pink men’s celebration. One of Leo’s happiest moments was when he was the goalkeeper Drake Callendercontaining the snapshot of Costa Rica Randall Loyal.

Inter Miami receives its first title from the hands of Lionel Messi

The 36-year-old star rubbed his hands imagining the best result, but at the Mexican Victor Ulloa can not be violated Elliott Pannick, The world champion’s face turned again. While the definition was extended to the accuracy of the shooters, it was the turn of the goalkeepers. Callender shot Panicco and put Inter ahead. but The Nashville goalkeeper couldn’t convert and Messi came out to hug his teammates, but especially the hero of the day. Yes, as I did with I pulled Martinez in Qatar in identification against France, once again Leo was a starter and he ended up thanking his goalkeeper for a new star.

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And what followed on the field was hugs and the human mountain in its pink shirts and the celebration of the players by throwing Messi into the air as if it were their savior. In between, an overzealous hug with David Beckham was caught on camera. Also saw a Babi Martino is enthusiastic and level-headed, and will greet his rivals with athletic horsemanship.

As he waited to go up to the podium to raise the new crown on his career, Leo made the captain’s gesture. The giant trophy was in front of him, but he looked around his group of teammates and called out to DeAndre Yedlin, the US winger who wore the captain’s stripe until the touchdown. flea in Heron.

After the euphoria ended, Messi remained on the pitch taking pictures with a large group of Argentine soccer players present at Inter Miami and also with the relatives of his teammates. While waiting, they were his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and her sister, Maria Sol, two of the sentiments who supported him.

Messi celebration photos

PHOTOS: USA TODAY Sports via Reuters/Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

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