American Bully XL: Dogs that will be euthanized in the UK

American Bully XL is the dog breed that will most likely be euthanized in the UK, we tell you why
American Bully XL; Dogs euthanized in the UK. Image: Shutterstock

In September 2023, we're telling you that The UK will ban the possession of American Bully XL dogs; History has arrived, this one Dogs euthanized in the UKafter a heated debate (with positions in favor and others against), and above all, after the British government took several strict measures on these matters. My loinshow Pets.

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Why will American Bully XL dogs be euthanized in the UK?

After registering a He increases to Attacks on My loins Of the breed American Bully XLit was decided that this Dogs euthanized in the UK. These cases have occurred in recent months, and we will tell you about them below.

Attack in Essex, Great Britain

In recent days, it became clear that a woman, approximately 70 years old, died as a result of an attack 2 American Bully XL puppies. According to reports, this person went to the house where his grandson was scheduled to visit him, but unfortunately he fell into the aggression of this pair of dogs.

For his part, the owner of this said: the animals He was arrested for possessing dogs considered dangerous and prohibited.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom

A few months ago, A video in social networks About a dog of the breed American Bully XL Who attacked an 11-year-old girl, but in the middle of this scene the dog continued to attack two other people, one of them at a gas station in Bordesley Green.

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From this story, it was learned that the minor passed by the dog while its owner was walking with it, and thus the animal bit the infant. Later, two men intervened, but they were also attacked and needed hospital treatment.

Rules for owners of American Bully XL dogs

After it became known that these Dogs euthanized in the UK It also went beyond the rules that would be required of owners, as they would have to register these dogs with a yes or a yes:

  • Owners of American Bully XLs must obtain civil liability insurance.
  • Insurance has become mandatory to cover expenses in the event of an attack
  • You must also pay between 100 and 110 euros (about 2,000 Mexican pesos, depending on the exchange rate of the day)
  • Registered dogs must be neutered
  • If it is not possible to pay insurance for economic reasons, the authority offers euthanasia of the animal
  • Selling, giving away, abandoning or reproducing a dog of this breed is a crime for which fines and legal action can be applied before justice.

Characteristics of the American Bully XL breed

Now that you know this Dogs euthanized in the UKAnd retention requirements, as well as the attacks that occurred, we tell you that the high attack records of these the animals They have shown a significant increase in the last three years, hence the stringent measures. In this way, we provide you with some characteristics What these dogs have (it is estimated that there are between 50 and 100 thousand specimens in the UK):

  • They are medium to large in size (ranging between 40 and 50 cm in height).
  • They have a compact, strong and thick structure
  • They have great strength for their size
  • They are muscular, active and agile
  • Its weight ranges between 30 and 55 kilograms
  • They are prone to certain medical conditions (hip dysplasia, skin problems, allergies, heart and eye problems)
  • Among their care, they must constantly have access to fresh water, a comfortable place to sleep and rest, as well as avoid extreme temperatures.
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