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United kingdom. – Although it is just a door image, users of Facebook And they assure that it is much more than that, like summer days on the beach, sand and the smell of the sea.

The photo was taken at Anglesey Islandin welshAnd United kingdomIt became a success after hundreds of people admired the carved door leading to the beach.

The photo was posted a month later He walks on the Facebook page of Gate of Appreciation Associationand it already has more than 42 thousand “likes” of people from all over the world.

According to netizens, it is “public door” Wave “narnia gate”Besides, many of them promised to find her.

Not a big door but a gateway to a magical world… This is one of the best doors I’ve ever seen… the kind of door you might see in a Disney movie,” were three of the comments about this door.

The Gateway to Narnia: This is the best door in the world, according to the Door Appreciation Association. Photo: Paul Andrew

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Door features on Anglesey

According to the newspaper North Wales LiveHe said the door is decorated Celtic ornaments And elegant lettersthat it wood It is one of many providers of protection Jens Landwina small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey.

This place is characterized by its blue landscapes and views of the Erie Mountains (Snowdonia) and peninsula flexiblehe also has two headlightsa church destructive, crosses of stone description of old house And cabins of the pilots.

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Newspaper guardian Indicates that the door was made David Davis Hughesa door maker whose distinctive work can be seen throughout the North welsh. According to his website, he once created a Oak porch Designed to resemble a human hand.

the site on TripAdvisor This gate is named after No. 1 attraction in this part of Anglesey long before Gate of Appreciation Associationwhich has 118,000 members, gave him more knowledge.

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