Allegations of sexual harassment in the British Parliament

Six female employees have exposed misconduct and intimidation by executive officials and lawmakers to BBC Newsnight.

Parliament staff United kingdom deplore sexual harassment by deputies and officials through flirting and unwanted behavior, within the framework of the “predatory culture” within politics.

Six workers disclosed abuse of power by parliamentarians and senior program officials BBC Newsnight. “I He told me to go and sit on his lap. And I told him I’m fine, thank you. “I don’t want to,” said Ellie Farley, a 25-year-old aide.

The Speaker of the House of Commons spoke about it and rejected the inappropriate behavior of British politicians. In this sense, confirm it Complaints are taken “very seriously” And that bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct have no place in parliament.

The employee appeared fed up Number of text messages from other men Although he refused to answer. She was outraged and “fed up” and said that parliamentarians did not feel safe to file complaints. “They have no faith in the system. I’m fed up,” she said.

Conflicts and actions of male deputies It does not appear to have been resolved despite the various penalties imposed which led to the suspension of many of them.

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United Kingdom: Parliament’s Complaints Scheme

In 2018, the UK Congress produced a dossier Independent Complaints and Claims Scheme (ICGS) With the aim of condemning situations of intimidation or sexual harassment.

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Members of the House of Commons affirm the same programme BBC that the complaints system fails to change the predatory culture and is seen as “useless”.

According to the parliament’s official website, the Independent Complaints and Claims Scheme It is for all current and former members of the parliamentary community. It is the first of its kind in any parliament in the world and an important step forward in tackling inappropriate behavior in our workplace.”

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