Aliens? In the UK they reported seeing a huge fireball

Passing a Fire ball North dazzles England and ScotlandBut its impact on our planet’s atmosphere left thousands of people surprised, many of them thought they were Aliens.

The event was heavily filmed and even the spectators were able to take videos; The accident happened on the night of February 18th exactly at 9:20 pm. The Fire ball The impact did not cause harm or regret to the victims.

Initially a people United kingdom He began to speculate whether it was a military test, a plane crash, or even an alien spacecraft! However, quickly Meteorite Organization International and UK Meteorite Network Clarify this and specify that it was meteor.

An unsurprising fact (unfortunately)

UK scientists estimate that around 16,000 kilograms of Space rocks They enter the ground annually, however, when they come into contact with the soil of the earth, they weigh no more than 50 grams, as they loosen up.

Fortunately, experts from Cambridge University, Imperial College London and the British Antarctic Survey confirm that these things are not located near cities, and thus tragedies are avoided, as they are usually located at the poles of the planet.


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