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On this Argentine Antarctic Day, a presentation will be held at the Tecnópolis exhibition site, headed by the Foreign Minister of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, Daniel Vilmos, by the Minister of Defense, Augustin Rossi and his cultural partner. Tristan Bauer.

As announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship on the occasion, the meeting will provide an appropriate environment to highlight the important scientific activity that Argentina is developing in Antarctica, and thus contribute to its widespread dissemination.

Parallel to this, 70 years of the establishment of the Argentine Institute of Antarctica, 60 years of the entry into force of the Antarctic Treaty, whose Executive Secretariat has been working in Buenos Aires since 2004, and 30 years of the signing of a protocol. The Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection will also be remembered.

On February 22 of each year, this southern land remembers the time when it captured and raised the Argentine flag at the meteorological observatory on the island of Lowry, south of Orcadas, then called Orcadas Base.

Since that date in 1904, he said, it has maintained a permanent and uninterrupted presence in Antarctica, which is unique for nearly 40 years, and has included the consolidation of the national mission of Antarctica and the beginning of a true state policy regarding our activity in Antarctica. Embassy.

Since the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, Argentina has also strengthened its role as a central actor in the international agreement that preserves the continent with peace and international cooperation and adequately protects – in its Article 4 – its sovereign claim over the Argentine Antarctic sector. ..

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Through messages on the social network Twitter, from the early hours of the morning netizens in this nation remember that historical date of 1904 when the Meteorological Observatory was seized, which was provided by the Scottish expedition led by William Spears Bruce on Lowry Island, south of Orkney.

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