Algeciras Port will be deployed this week in the UK, Malaysia, Belgium and Morocco

This week, Algeciras Port carries out an intense trade agenda in different parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. The week began with APBA’s participation in the Direct Mission to UK Ports and will end in Malaysia in the Multi-Sector Direct Mission, both initiatives organized by the Business Agency for Economic Transformation and Development, Andalusia TRADE. The first event, which was also supported by the Spanish Embassy in the UK, included a tour of the ports of Tilbury, Southampton and Portsmouth. Algeciras terminals maintain multiple direct connections with British ports, with Liverpool and London being the main destination points for goods, particularly olive oil, fruit and vegetable production and health products.

Regarding the trip to Asia, an initiative led by the TRADE Asia Club, into which the Algeciras Port Authority (APBA) is integrated, today the Andalusian delegation visited the Port of Kelang and meetings with various sector associations are scheduled tomorrow. Among them is the Halal Department of the Malaysian Foreign Trade Development Corporation. Algeciras Port has direct connectivity, with a transit period of 17 days without transhipment, with major Malaysian ports, where import/export volume has increased by 14% so far this year mainly thanks to the export of stainless steel.

Another destination for the week was Antwerp, where the port of Algeciras attended the Argus European Clean Ammonia Conference, a new event for the maritime sector to promote the research, production and use of clean fuels such as ammonia and green hydrogen. Decarbonisation of maritime transport.

Finally, APBA is participating today in the meeting of the Spanish Entrepreneurs Club in Northern Morocco, which is being held at the Renault Tangier factory, as well as at the Souss Traits car show. Algeciras maintains a constant turnover of ferries and container traffic with Tangier Med to ensure import/export fluidity between Europe and Morocco.

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