Alcoholic drinks that may be missing this Christmas

The highest demand at this time of the year coincides with the transportation crisis and the high cost of raw materials

A supply crunch can be the unexpected hero of the Christmas festivities. This is what has been warned by manufacturers and distributors of spirits – with more than 15 degrees of alcohol – who assert that they are already facing “serious” problems in supplying their customers due to the international transport crisis, which also puts exports at risk for Spanish lives. Manufacturers, who sell about 40% of their production abroad.

As the association of employers in the sector, Spirits of Spain (FEBE), explained that “the shortage affects certain categories and certain brands, because this crisis in international trade does not affect 100% of the sector equally.” Thus, factors such as the high cost of sea transportation increased to 350%, which directly affected the arrival of rum from the Caribbean. On the other hand, raw materials have become more expensive over time, and not only the resources for making drinks, but also glass, cardboard or cork, elements that directly affect a large number of spirits. Another big problem that employers have discovered is the massive traffic congestion being created at customs, caused in large part by Brexit, affecting whiskey from the UK.

This, perhaps, will not be lacking in what we offer, although we may have to limit ourselves to brands produced in Spain. In fact, the government is not considering the possibility of a shortage, although it acknowledges that some products may be temporarily unavailable. This came in a parliamentary response to Vox MPs, who have expressed interest in the news that has been published about the supply problems of some brands of gin, vodka or champagne.

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In the letter compiled by Europa Press, the government explained that it was producing a “temporary bottleneck in world trade due to the withdrawal of global aggregate demand”, which had a “specific effect on the production of certain raw materials”. However, as the large commercial distribution companies have ensured, the government asserts that “the supply of this type of product is guaranteed in Spain”.

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