Advantages of playing Warzone on PC compared to gaming consoles

Advantages of playing Warzone on PC

The advent of cross-play has allowed millions of players to enjoy their favorite games with their friends regardless of the platform on which they are being played. The priority Amazing, however, just in case War zone, It appears to carry a series of flaws that you should be aware of.

In his most recent video, JackFrags streaming device has included a number of details that translate into advantages when playing on the computer, as players can enjoy a number of settings and features that do not behave the same on consoles.

Set graphic filters

Warzone second season

One of the first benefits discussed in the video is the ability to apply custom settings to computer graphics. This is something done with NVIDIA graphics drivers, as we will be able to disable functions like DirectX raytracing, ambient shutdown, particle light and many other aspects using something called Nvidia filters.

With these settings, players can control the effects of shadows and dark places, so they can see more clearly in situations where backlights or dark rooms block the enemy. In the video, you can totally see the big difference between activating these settings (PC) and without them (console).

These settings are especially useful when faced with players who have activated the Dark Roze Operator, an aspect that will still be practically hidden in the dark that many users have consistently protested about the lack of visibility of the player.

More field of view

As if that weren’t enough, there are other mods that we can apply to our computer that directly affect the field of view that we will save in the game. In the PC Edition settings, we can specify how many degrees of field of view we will enjoy from the first-person camera, something not available on Xbox and PlayStation and as you can see, it is clear at the time to spot our close enemies.

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According to JackFrags’ calculations, the default field of view we enjoy on the consoles is 80 degrees, while on the PC we can set it to 120 degrees, an capacity that helps a lot in the front line of battle.

Benefits of PC Master Race

Black Ops Tempurada 1

Of course, to all this, we have to add the clear technical superiority of a high-performance personal computer, because through advanced configuration, we will be able to obtain a very high rate of images per second so that we have a greater interaction capacity, in addition to the details with greater clarity, and ability To draw objects and players at a greater distance.

The difference seems obvious, but will you be able to take advantage of all of these benefits in your day-to-day Warzone?

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