Abuse, lack of equipment and health, this is the care at ISSSTE Saltillo

Saltillo, Kuah. – Although he refused Vanguard access to ISSSTE Super Specialty HospitalIt was possible to speak with the relatives of a patient in the hospital in the district of Intensive treatmentwho made some observations about the shortcomings of medical service offered by this clinic.

Yesterday when they had to check his pressure, there weren’t enough doctors‘, was the first complaint of a relative of the 55-year-old patient who had to do it underwent surgery Since last February 16 because of a cirrhosis.

Added to this complaint is the health aspect of the clinic, since the family Vines from the source Signs of vomiting were observed on the floor of Uhud hospital corridors.

Since this morning we reported vomit in the corridor that they couldn’t clean, we went with three different people and the cleaning staff didn’t come, it’s a very simple thing, but it has a lot to do with it Crew acted with interest What is offered in this clinic?‘, explains one of the . files affectedwho wanted to delete his public data.

Relatives of ISSSTE patients are waiting for communication and care with doctors.

With regard to medical care emphasized that some Hardware about Providing treatments They don’t worksuch as those used to make them scans computerized.

What bothered us at the time was that my brother requested a CT scan of his brain because he was draining white fluid after surgery, they told us it might be a brain mass, and we got worried and asked why they didn’t. They did a CT and it turned out that the device does not work, we went to the administration, asked and they told us that they do not know when they will fix the device‘ explains a relative patient 55 years old.

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She explained to the management that her brother was in serious health condition What is required CT scan which could not be performed at that time, a condition reported to the doctor, however, no instant response Although it was an emergency.

I know this situation is not within our reach, but what we wanted was for the neurosurgeon who operated on him, Dr. The medical office asked us about the doctor, and they explained that he came at two o’clock, and although the emergency never came, they gave us two, three and five and the doctor didn’t come until he could.”And the

On his arrival he told us that there was a clear deterioration in the patient’s health, that the CT machine was not working, but he told us that it was not necessary to do that study, that it was not urgent and that there was simply nothing left to do‘, he explains.

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$!  Lack of sanitation and diagnostic equipment, abuse and lack of communication as described by patients.

Lack of health, diagnostic equipment, abuse and lack of communication as described by patients.

Another of the attitudes denounced by the victim is lack of communication Among health professionals, reducing Quality of medical care that is provided to beneficiariesIn the case of his brother, the doctors and nurses avoided disclosing the patient’s health condition among themselves, even though it was their job.

The nurses told us, why didn’t you let him drain? The doctor said to me, “If I ask him he gets upset,” because of professional enthusiasm or I don’t know why‘, she says.

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I feel like they put us in the middle of the situation and I told the doctor that, why didn’t they put that to drain and the only thing they told us was: I know my job‘ displays the affected.

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