A woman goes blind after being infected with an amoeba while bathing in a swimming pool

A woman was left partially blind after spending the afternoon in a house Public swimming pool. The events occurred in United kingdom.

Sherine Faye GriffinA 38-year-old British woman explains to the Daily Mail how her life has changed since she was infected with a parasite in a public swimming pool a year ago and completely lost sight in one eye.

The events began in August 2022 when the woman went to a swimming pool located in Kent to cool off from the high summer temperatures. Sherine Faye Griffin returned to her home and continued her completely normal life after the afternoon. But after a few days, he began to feel discomfort in his eye, which developed into severe pain.

He was diagnosed with conjunctivitis

The woman’s left eye was already starting to turn red. Shed a lot of tears. So he went to the doctor who diagnosed him with… conjunctivitis He prescribed several eye drops containing an antibiotic.

Despite strictly following her medication and family doctor’s instructions, Sherine Faye Griffin saw no improvement, so she returned to the doctor’s office.

That’s when her doctor decided to send her to the emergency room to be examined in depth by an ophthalmologist, who diagnosed her with conjunctivitis and recommended other drops containing antibiotics. However, his symptoms did not improve.

On November 9, 2022, Sherine Faye Griffin woke up in the middle of the morning suffering from severe, “unbearable” pain and total blindness in her left eye, according to media reports. Therefore, he did not hesitate and went to the hospital’s emergency room, where, after conducting many tests and analyzes, it became clear that he was not suffering from conjunctivitis, but rather was infected with the parasite that caused this blindness.

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Doctors discovered that the parasite he was infected with is known as Acanthamoeba amoeba. Amoeba, also known as keratitis, begins to appear in the form of eye itching, pain and redness, which eventually leads to a serious infection that leads to complete blindness if it is not diagnosed in a timely manner.

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