Details the UK left with Spain in the European Cup: “No one sings their anthem!”

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He was a former Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland and a former member of ParliamentAnd the Lord John Taylor Kilcloney, was mocked after pointing out that soccer players from Spain in a party Eurocop against Italy They did not sing their national anthem, although the anthem does not contain lyrics. The Briton did not fall for this question and made a comment in Twitter On Tuesday night, he compared the Italian players to the Spanish team that kept quiet.

Quilloni wrote: “It’s surprising that all the members of the Italian team sang their national anthem while all the members of the Spanish team remained completely silent. Nobody sang the Spanish anthem!” After a few minutes, correct: ‘Bosnia; Kosovo; San Marino; Spain does not have the lyrics for its national anthem. It just makes their hymns less appealing! This has sparked a lot of comments.

The same Gary Lineker His response was: “Mother of God”; Accompanying the posting with “emojis” for laughter. Unknown users also reacted negatively. “Incredible ignorance of Lord Jun. It’s unbelievable that you said this without any knowledge or even without checking for 30 seconds, especially since you said you thought it might be the answer. If you really had, you would have checked and someone explained.”

The royal march, officially known as Spanish royal career, is the anthem of Spain, regulated by royal decree since 1997, and has no lyrics, only melody. The Northern Irish were widely criticized in their country for the ignorance shown in his manifesto.

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