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Summer has arrived in Spain and one of the favorite destinations is Ibiza, an island that is considered a paradise for European celebrities, young Europeans and sun lovers. This is well known to “tiktoker” Olympia Anley (), which surprised locals and strangers in social networks After it was revealed that he was able to stay for free in a hotel in exchange for a strange case.

From London, UK)published by Olympia Video is now viralthat is already registered 11 million views Until now. According to the creator, I was able to stay in the calling room Zero Wing From Paradiso Art Hotel from Ibiza.

As can be seen from the photos, the room is located in the reception area of ​​the Paradiso Art Hotel. “You can stay for free in this hotel, but the room has glass walls in the lobby”, He referred to “influencer”.

As Olympia was getting ready for bed, several people in the hotel lobby pressed against the room’s walls to see what was inside. “I made a lot of friends tonight.”the British put in the description of the published clip from tik tok.

Simple concept with little or no privacy

in conversation with the above hotel chain explained that “Zero Suite” “This is a fully furnished room with bed, table and chairs, bathroom with toilet and shower”. Of course the bathroom is private and anyone can book it but You will have to sign a form to allow your photo to be usedbecause it can be photographed during your stay.

Tweet embed Reply to @wellaliceitseems, will you stay in this hotel room? # Ibiza #Free #the hotel ♬ Original sound – Olympia Anley

torrent of comments

After posting his experience, feedback was not missing. “Imagine the weird people who would be standing there watching you sleep. No thanks, I’ll sleep in the bathroom lol”, expressed by a user. While others promised to visit the room. “Am I the only one who literally has no problem with that?” One Internet user wrote.

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