A United Nations rapporteur praises the American, British and Canadian sanctions against the junta in Burma

Madrid, May 20. (Europe Press) –

The United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Burma, Tom Andrews, on Thursday praised the sanctions imposed by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on the junta, and called on other countries to follow the same steps.

Andrews said in a statement that he considered it “necessary” for the international community to increase the sanctions because the junta “is intensifying the repression against the Burmese people.”

“The United States this week took one of the most important steps so far against the Burmese military junta, first imposing sanctions not only against individuals but against the state administration and then opening the door to targeting those who continue to engage with them. The junta thus helped these attacks against the Burmese move forward. “.

In this sense, he indicated that the appointment represented a new blow to the public finances of the Board of Directors and a step forward in the right direction. As a result of the executive order, all US citizens are prohibited from “sending money, goods, goods, and services that may benefit the council,” as he explained.

In addition, any dollar transaction is prohibited, which means that “not only US banks but all entities with ties to the United States may face civil and criminal penalties if they carry out this type of transaction,” he said.

“This is a red flag for all those who want to move forward with working with the board of directors,” Andrews said, noting that those who “continue to help this killer company (…) may now face themselves to sanctions.”

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“I hope these measures will act as a wake-up call. (…) If doing the right thing is not a factor that must be taken into account when making decisions, then perhaps this is the fact of protecting one’s interests,” he said.

Accordingly, the rapporteur urged the international community to “reconsider” its position in the face of the coup of February 1, and stressed that “the time has come for action.”

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