A Spanish woman living in the United Kingdom revealed the difficult experience of leaving her country: “There is no need to romanticize it.”

“Not having my family is deadly,” he (@awaywithbea) explained.

Life abroad can provide a path full of learning and unique experiences, but @awaywithbea, a Spanish resident in… United kingdomwanted to share in a poignant video the lesser-known truth of this dream: Loneliness, cultural and linguistic barriers, and longing for everything we left behind.

His testimony quickly went viral on social media, garnering more than 10,700 “likes” and a wave of comments of support and sympathy from those who sympathized with his story.

I think I'm breaking down. “It happens sporadically,” the woman admits in her clip, reflecting the emotional ups and downs it means to live far from home. Through his words, you can see the intensity of his inner conflict, that desire to get back through the tough days that contrasts with the appreciation he also feels for his life in the UK. The Spaniard does not hesitate to point out that despite the moments of happiness and adaptation, there are “bad” periods where… The distance becomes clearerespecially when you think about missed family moments, like Sunday meals at your parents' house.

In the end we miss things that are bullshit“, he expresses his sadness, emphasizing how something as simple as a family paella can take on profound meaning when it is many kilometers away. This feeling of loss and loneliness intensifies over time, making the migration process an experience of constant emotional ups and downs.

This duality of feelings is exactly what Spanish women seek to highlight. With her honesty, she aims to demystify the idealized image often associated with life abroad, and to remember that behind the smiles and postcard views, there are also days of struggle and longing. “There are days like this and other days when we are fine, but now it hurts. Not having my family close by is fatal. Being away from home is not pleasant, there is no need to romanticize anythingHe reveals, explaining that the immigration process is complex and full of personal sacrifices.

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His voice joins that of many other immigrants who seek to create a life far from their country of origin, facing not only practical challenges but also the difficult task of building a sense of belonging in a new place. This Instagram user's reality resonates for its honesty and vulnerability, offering a valuable perspective on what it truly means to be an immigrant today.

The woman explained how difficult it was to be away from her family and what she missed most about her country

His testimony not only captured the attention of people in similar situations, but was also able to galvanize a community of support, demonstrating the power of sharing authentic experiences on digital platforms.

“Things that only those of us who immigrate understand.” “I've been in the UK for 10 years and I think that feeling is part of being a foreigner. The problem is that from the moment we leave our country, and especially the longer we are away, we become foreigners inside and outside our countries.” The feeling of not belonging to either world is, at times, very unsettling.

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