A Polish documentary that reinvents the work of the Renaissance painter El Greco – Prensa Latina

Titled El Greco polaco, the film reveals the journey of the only piece of Theotokopolo preserved in that country after passing from hand to hand, until it ends at the Diocesan Museum in Siddles, where it is currently on display.

Composed of fragments of recent photographs, interviews, and historical reenactments, the tape evokes the possession of a Warsaw antique, the transfer to the hands of the parish priest Francesc Dabrowski in 1927, and his transfer to a church in Lucky. Kosów welcomed for four decades.

Likewise, the audiovisual program funded by the Pilecki Institute and Polish Public Television re-works the restoration of the canvas by researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences and its confirmation by other experts such as the Spanish professor José Gudiol.

According to the data provided by specialists, the piece consists of a representation of a man’s head with the expression of asceticism, “ an elongated face, with sharp features, prominent cheekbones and cheeks, sunken temples, under which there remained lean and long cheeks. ” Nose and aquiline, prominent lips … ‘.

The work shows the image of Saint Francis with open arms and marks on his hands, looking at a ray of light coming from the sky, while a skull is seen at his feet as a symbol of death and the death of life.

Recorded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts in 1974, as El Greco’s The Ecstasy of San Francisco, it stars the work behind the scenes of a documentary project carried over a four-year period by journalist and writer Katarzyna J. The Discoverers, Isabella Gallica.

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