A Pokémon Go player shows off his amazing Kanto Shiny collection

There’s nothing more relaxing in Pokémon Go than finding a shiny Pokémon in the wild, but this player’s collection will impress you more than once.

If something is difficult to achieve Pokemon Go It is a shiny or color-changing Pokémon. The chance of it appearing is 1 in 500. These numbers are still better than those in the main game series. The probability ranges from 1 in 4,096 to 1 in 8,192, depending on the Pokemon and the game.

However, in Pokémon Go, there are some creatures that are more likely to make a shiny appearance, such as Shinx, Meltan, and Gibble. Taking all these rarities into account, most casual players have a small handful of shiny objects in their collection.

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However, this is not the case for the player who shared his crazy collection of shiny Pokemon on social media.

A Pokémon Go player is leaving everyone speechless with his shiny Kanto collection

in Share reddit, a user shared screenshots of Shiny Pokémon from the Kanto region. That is, 151 shiny. Additionally, all of these Pokémon are Lucky, meaning they’re guaranteed excellent stats and cost half as much as Stardust to run.

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Explaining how he obtained one of the most impressive collections in the game, the player explained that he used the game’s trading system. This means taking advantage of exchanges with other coaches in the area, whether friends or strangers.

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Many community members were quick to praise the player for their collection: “It’s amazing!!! The ultimate goal is a shiny Pokédex, but making them lucky is gold star upon gold star upon gold star.”

Another added that they didn’t have the patience or dedication to complete such a daunting task: “Your commitment is incredible. I could never put myself through this effort, good for you my friend.”

This set is probably the only one of its kind in the world, a shiny and hopefully lucky Kanto set. With the trip complete, it may be time to move on to Johto.

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