A photographer fractured his eye socket from a ball hit

Yes Network cameraman Peter Stindl was hit by a missed shot by Gunnar Henderson during a match in the United States. After receiving the impact, he was attended to and left the stadium, warning the crowd that he was fine.

In sports, there is always a share of risk from the moment the activity begins, both for those playing the sport and for those around. This was reflected in the wednesday night in Yankee Stadiumwhile they were playing New York Yankees And Baltimore Orioles by Major League Baseball. In the middle of the match, a photographer was hit by a missed shot and B. was injured Fracture of the eye socketAnd which did not require surgical intervention and allowed the injured Resting at home, as reported by the media yes network In a statement released Thursday.

Peter Stendelcameraman for Yes Network’s US outlet, is positioned on the side of a New York Yankees dugout when a rookie junior’s rushing pitch hits him. Gunnar Hendersonwho shot to first base while trying to complete a double play in the fifth inning.

Pictures shown at the moment Henderson served the ball in, show the impact in the eye area where The telescope that the photographer was wearing was seen flying through the air. Immediately upon seeing what had happened, a camper van ran onto the field of play to assist the injured man, who was taken to the locker room.

When he withdrew from the field of play, stretched out on a stretcher, he showed that all was well by nodding towards the stands, who recognized him with shy applause, understanding the seriousness of the situation.

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Stendel was then taken to the hospital and YES said so Wednesday evening I was aware And they were doing tests. The network updated his condition on Thursday, saying that he had an orbital fracture and was discharged from the hospital.

“Anytime a ball goes over a first baseman or even a ball from a batter, you don’t want to see it go toward a fan. Simply put. You are in the wrong placeHenderson said after his team won 6-3. “My prayers are with him. I am grateful to the men who rushed to him to help him.”

The game was delayed about 17 minutes while Yankees medical staff and assistants treated Stendel. The players walked off the field and waited on the bench while the Yankees and Orioles, including Henderson, watched anxiously in a silent stadium.

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