A documentary about two-time Olympic champion Alberto Juantorina will reach all over the world

HAVANA, July 5 (ACN) The Running for Revolution documentary, dedicated to the life of Cuban Olympic champion Alberto Juantorina, will be available almost everywhere in the world from August, as World Athletics (WA) revealed Monday in its digital portal.

The world athletics website announced on its cover the international launch of this production, which premiered during the Havana International Film Festival last December, and will now be available on iTunes and Amazon.

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“If we need proof that sport not only reflects but shapes social and political trends, Running for Revolution is,” said Sebastian Coe, president of the Western Australian Federation, of material directed by award-winning director Mark Craig.

Juantorina won the 400 and 800 meters at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and is still the only man to have such a “double”, but he goes beyond his work for many years as president of the Cuban Athletics Federation and various international responsibilities. Procedure.

The current WA board member is one of the sexiest athletes in the world, committed to the social process that has shaped him and the sport he loves.

All these aspects are reflected in the film, where many of his golden age rivals also appear and the political context in which he developed his career is fully presented, according to the sports publication. Jet.

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The text adds that the hero’s life behind the tracks, and his friends, as well as his faces as father and husband contribute to the human sense and draw closer to the man who defines himself on this planet as the face of Cuban athletics.
From August 2 and 3, the documentary will be available to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and other countries in Europe and Latin America, as well as in most Asian and African countries.

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