A Paralympic athlete from Rosario requests financial support for the Surfing World Cup in the United States

Mauricio is a 46-year-old Paralympic athlete from Rosario who needs financial support to cover his expenses to be incurred in Surfing World Cup In California, United States.

in conversation with Sunday to gather (Radio 2), Mauricio highlights the sport he has been playing for 10 years He competes professionally and trains at Senard.

“For 23 years I have had a mobility impairment I move in a wheelchair. And about ten years ago, I got into the sport with my friends who do water skiing. I started out recreationally, and since I liked it so much, I would put together teams and look for a way to skate more often,” he recalls his beginnings.

He identified, among his friends, his training with Carlos Giordano from then on. Belén de Escobar trained with the majority of the Argentine water skiing teams. And when he found out that he was going to participate in the tournament in Sacramento, California, in the United States, Cenard began training to get into better physical condition.

Then he highlighted the achievement since then He is the only athlete to have traveled from South America. “The World Cup will be held from September 11 to 17. We are traveling on Saturday, September 9 and need to collect an amount to cover all expenses. That is why I opened a travel group. Sponsors and organizations that can support this trip are required.”

In response to a question about the meaning of practicing this sport, he explained: “I do jumping jacks, and I also skateboard with the saddle. In the jump I have a hold to soften the jump.”

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Finally, make it clear that equipment for this very specific sport is not available in the country. “I had inherited the equipment from a skiing friend, but I had it up for my needs, and brought a fiberboard from Europe. A saddle adapted for it, an aluminum frame with string sent for upholstery,” he notes.

All cooperation is received by bank transfer to Alias: MAURIALMUNDIAL or to Mercadopago Account: MAURIALMUNDIALDESKI

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