A new type of dinosaur has been discovered in the UK

It is a type of two-legged herbivore, and its size is equivalent to the size of a chicken. The work was published in the journal Cretaceous Research.

On the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, a new species of two-legged herbivorous dinosaur, the size of a chicken, has been discovered that likely lived about 125 million years ago. The work was published in the Journal of Cretaceous Research.

In this sense, as explained by a statement from the University of Bath, it is the second member of the hypsilophodont family to have been found in that region, a fact that indicates that its own family of prehistoric reptiles existed in Europe. On plants different from those found in the continents of America and Asia.

Moreover, according to one of the work’s co-authors, it is the seventh new species of dinosaur discovered in the past four years on that island.

In this context, it is appropriate to highlight that hypsilodonts lived about 125 million years ago, and that they also coexisted with the first dinosaurs, spinosaurs, and iguanodonts.

Likewise, according to the information provided by the found fossil, the size of the new species, which was named “Vectidromeus insularis”, was similar to the size of a chicken, although it could have been somewhat larger because the remains belong to a young specimen. .

It should be noted that on the above-mentioned Isle of Wight, Cretaceous strata are hundreds of meters thick and can extend for several million years. However, there is currently no scientific consensus about its age.

For his part, Nicholas Longrich, director of the research, said: “Paleontologists have been working on the Isle of Wight for more than a century, and these fossils have played an important role in the history of vertebrate paleontology, but we continue to make them.” New “Discoveries About Dinosaur Animals As Sea Erodes New Fossils From Cliffs.”

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Meanwhile, Dave Martell, co-author of the research, stated: “It is quite strange that so many new dinosaurs have been discovered on the Isle of Wight.”

“Vectidromeus is the seventh new species of dinosaur discovered in the past four years. “It’s all down to the collectors,” he added.

It should be noted that the work was carried out in collaboration with the Universities of Bath and Portsmouth, the White Dinosaur Museum and local fossil collectors.

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