A new poll confirms the majority’s disapproval of the President of Peru

The poll, conducted by the non-governmental Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP), showed that the disapproval rate for the president was 79 percent, three points lower than the previous month and equal to the average of last May.

This result was not reflected in the approval of the head of state, on the contrary, it decreased from 11 to 10.5, and the percentage of those who abstained from responding to the poll increased from eight to 10.6 only.

Poloarte started the year with 19 percent support and 71 percent disapproval in monthly IEP polls.

The respondent also asked about the level of trust in the president, and 85 percent answered that they trust her slightly (17) or not at all (68), while only 11 percent gave her great confidence (one) or some (10). .

According to analysts of different directions, the disapproval of Pollarte is due, among other factors, to the so-called outstanding account of fifty civilians killed in the protests against her rise to the post of successor to the rural teacher Pedro Castillo.

And despite the suspension of opposition demonstrations, which became felt again last July, analyzes of the long Peruvian crisis consider it necessary or not to exclude the advancement of the elections scheduled for 2026, when the mandate that Castillo began ends; Progress demanded by the protests.

On the other hand, the current parliament, which supports the executive, does not have the approval of 90%, has the support of only 6%, and deserves little or no confidence from 89% of those surveyed.

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Congressional President Alejandro Soto, who took office a month ago, received a disapproval rating of 74 percent and approval of only 8 percent.

Soto faces legal and moral accountability by most political forces and the media, and the opposition is preparing to submit a note of censure, a measure equivalent to dismissal from work.


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