A Morena member shouts in Tamaulipas

Gaston Arriaga Lacorte, Morena fighter in Tamaulipas, Show his support for the Gulf Cartel In a video, he is seen yelling “Join the Gulf Cartel, fucking!” With music in the background.

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According to local media, Arriaga Lacorte has been elected Electoral delegate for the 7th district of Morena On October 13, 2019.

in 2018, Occupation cited as Neighborhood council manager Ciudad Madero and one of his last posts, according to Today Tamaulipas, it could have been Secretary of the Shura Council.

Gaston Arriaga is close to the local representatives of Morena Nancy Ruiz Martinez And Nelly Lara Monroe, both congratulated him with photos on their Facebook pages. The latter called him “the great friend and ally of 4T”.

The only position taken by another party member regarding the video was that of the mayor of Ciudad Madero, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, who denied that Arriaga Lacorte was a local official and indicated that Since 2019, he has been working in the State Committee.

“Everyone is responsible for their own actions.” and drunk, confirmed before the media.

The mayor confirmed that Gaston Arriaga is his friend, but that he will not be responsible for his actions, but that he himself will have to give an explanation on the video.

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In addition, he stated that the material It was registered at the beginning of 2020“Before the epidemic begins.”

This medium has sought Morena’s National Executive Committee, through its contact area, to find out its position on the video or on Gastón Arriaga Delacorte, but they have not received any response so far.

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