A life a thousand lives Lamborghini Countach LP400 Rod Stewart’s binoculars

sTo get the car to a High value at auction It should be unique and have a story to tell. And if so, in addition Celebrity owned…hk my turn. This is what they should think about RM Sotheby’s Before the next auction of a Lamborghini Countach That he was one of the most devoted lovers in Hyatt’s life Rod Stewart.

It is also not a file the countdown Anyone because nobody 157 LP400 “Periscope” Factory (the first-generation Countach is so called because of the odd shape of its rear window, with an upper hatch into which the interior mirror points) 375 hp“animal” for a v12 At that time (the car was able to reach the 290 km / h), as the Countach took his first steps before becoming an A Supercar legend.

The life of a Lamborghini was as eventful as that of its owner.

The life of a Lamborghini was as eventful as that of its owner.

The British artist had it Under his ownership not less than 25 yearsHe took it from Australia, where he bought it in 1977, to the United Kingdom, via the United States. But that’s not all because during those two and a half decades Music is not part of his identity.

Turn it into a targa

Because the Londoner, in his eagerness to have an exclusive unit in his hands, Made some “fixes”. The most important, without a doubt, is Its coupe bodywork was transformed into an elegant targa.

This is why the early Countach was called a “periscope”.

A typical whim of the stars, who knows if for that matter You better hear the melody that radiates from the engine V12 atmospheric 4 liters. Stewart kept the color Rousseau of bodywork with upholstery in shades tobacco.

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Another life after Rod Stewart

All the ups and downs Countach LP400 Periscope They lived with the global superstar and carried on with their next owner, for whomever Rod Stewart Opening the roof does not seem as tempting restored it to its original style.

Of course, he then applied a deeper modification since Countach 1100262 It was created with Right hand driveHer new owner also modified her to drive the European way.

It’s now a left-hand drive, coupe…but it wasn’t always like that.

A third owner later maintained this configuration, but tried to Restore the contach to its original state in the rest of the elements. definitely, A stormy life like its most famous owner.

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