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Dreamworks animation cinema brought us great movies. They specialize in “old and young” cinema. We can remember among the most famous productions “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “Kung-Fu Panda” and “The Croods”. They are films that have undoubtedly managed to appeal to audiences of all ages, perhaps less sublime than those of their direct competition, but they shine by capturing the essence of purer entertainment without the need for a technical or narrative avant-garde.

This movie hit theaters in Latin America on ThursdayIt’s not yet known when it will hit streaming platforms, so it’s a good excuse to put together a family scene and come back in front of the classic curtain.

“the wicked”, is a production heir to this legacy. But something is immediately noticeable: The quality of the animation is raised, with combinations among the 3D images we are accustomed to Dreamworks, and pure graphic style, in certain parts. Something that gives it a cool style, cartoonish style in recent times.

At the beginning of the movie, a quick sequence is given. We get acquainted with the characters: a gang of thugs led by the king of classic tales (obviously from bandits), the “big bad wolf”. But this story claims it: “Bad guys” focus most of his efforts on the smallest of the house; And he does so with a calculated sense of humor, and easy-to-understand moral rhetoric. It’s a light and fast movie, but with Many unexpected twists capable of surprising the audience.

art in motion

We like the drawing section again: It looks cool when Playing with frame rates and 2D elements To imitate the style of the original illustrations. “the wicked” He manages to deliver a cocktail of comedy and action scenes resolved with skill and dynamism befitting Dreamworks.

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And acquittal of the wolf is key in the film. Film critics Catalina Donoso (@ positive. diva), “As the film progresses, it leaves a message for the audience. Mr. Wolf begins to feel that doing good can give him something that cannot be stolen, but must be earned, ‘acceptance’, ‘respect’ and thus the affection of the citizens.”

“The gang of villains consists of five friends, Mr. Wolf, the thief who saw it all, Mr. Snake, the one who opens the safes, the master of quiet disguise Mr. Shark, the muscular Mr. Piranha the expert hacker Mrs. Tarantula. They are all very close and have formed an inextricable bond that will transcend Worldly temptations, ”the specialist adds.

The movie “Fred”

For Donoso, “This is a one-of-a-kind movie, because it required a great production job, The Bad Guys went on filming for six years (three years in development and three years in production) Requires 268,987 individual storyboards and a team of 423 people“.

“Unlike most animated films, the actors recorded their voices together in the studio, which allowed them to act naturally, and you can see that the exchange between the characters is more natural, authentic, and fun. The film’s artists collaborated in four countries; the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada.

We leave you the trailer!

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