4 Netflix series that will help you learn English

4 Netflix series that are useful for various reasons in our English language learning process.

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There is a way to master languages ​​called “immersionHis theory suggests that if we live in an environment where all or most of what is spoken is in a second language, Of course we will learn it. This is what happens to the millions of people who come to the United States without knowing English and in a matter of months or a few years, they are managed, not in the depth that a well-organized course can offer but enough to socialize and work in the basic things and survive.

Taking advantage of its advantages is also possible in our spare time if we study the language formally, especially online because it allows us to move from one activity to another without moving or wasting time. Immersion can also be experienced by watching series or movies With translations in Spanish, paying as much attention as possible to identifying words, slang, expressions and dialects.

With the arrival of platforms Video on demandIt is very easy to have these immersive little experiences and immerse yourself in a completely English environment for at least part of the day, which will help us Strengthening our language proficiency No matter if we are students, beginners or advanced. So, Abraham Gonzalez, Marketing Director of Mexico and the United States EF English Live, the largest school Online english in the world, Recommends 4 Netflix series This for various reasons will be very helpful for our English learning process:

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black mirror

This sci-fi series is set primarily in the futuristic UK but is not too far from the things we actually see daily, and has separate stories for each chapter. Very clear and tangible dialogues, where different dialects are used, words used in new or unusual ways, and an appropriate amount of slang and regional expressions to know.

Orange is the new black

The protagonist of this series is Piper, an upper-middle-class suburban girl who ends up in prison after committing a minor crime. In confinement he meets characters from different cultures, races and educational levels that allow us to learn more about the content of languages, and each episode is full of American slang Plus a compelling story that will surely leave you wanting more.

the crown

return to British StylesAs there are many differences between English in the United States and England, The Crown is a carefully created drama that tells the story of the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s life; With writing and decorations and Very elegant and easy to listen dialogue, as well as the repetitive accents that dominate the series.

Weird things

It is very likely that you have already watched this successful series, which is also suitable for teenagers and not young children who love science fiction. This 80’s horror comedy series revolves around a group of friends and a mysterious girl who enter their lives to experience a series of supernatural adventures together. It stands out for using a lot of American vernacular at the time, which It is still mostly used It is common to find it in other production work and for fun Audio recording Which brings us to that decade before the advent of digital technologies.

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In addition to these suggestions, thanks to the wide range of English products available on Netflix, it is very easy to find options It matches our current level to understand the language. Compared to simple reading or the English used in institutions, which focus only on ordinary people, places and things, studying the language from series and films will bring us in touch with Much broader vocabulary.

Whatever the series or Movie that you decide to watch, keep in mind that just watching the products is not enough to learn English 100%, and It will not completely replace a professionally structured course; This will only help you reinforce what you already know or expand your vocabulary, since the skills learned are mostly conversational with a few basic flashes of written language.

The possibilities that these training tools provide for improving our English are many, starting with improving pronunciation: the more we listen to a word, the easier it is to pronounce it correctly.

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